What is Project Liber8 Neon Night Run?
Its a 5KM run..or walk if you like it to be which will be held along Publika area. It provides participants a fun and exciting way to stay fit and have a blast with all the fun people. But best part of it all is that you're running for a good cause! Yes, the objective of this run is to raise awareness on the fight against human trafficking. But not only that, you're in it for some great fun too because at the end of the race, you will be experiencing some great fun during the glow party!

What's a glow party, you may ask?
It is a laser and blacklight DJ set showcasing a footage of human trafficking issues which will be held in The Square, Publika! So be ready, gather all your neon gears because you will be having some real fun with Project Liber8 very soon!

Is there an age limit?
Only people above 16 years old are allowed in the night race for safety and security reasons and if you are below the age of 18, you will need your parents/guardian to sign the guardian waiver.

How do I pick up my runner's kit?
Runner's kit pick up details will be notified soon!

REMINDER: Do bring your confirmation ticket that was emailed to you after you registered in order to obtain your runner's kit (either printed or on your smart phone). You can pick up your friend's kit as long as you have their confirmation ticket.

What if I am having trouble registering online?
You can opt to email all your particulars to neon.projectliber8@gmail.com or visit us during our roadshows which we will be updating you on our whereabouts on our websites, Facebook and Twitter. So be sure to keep yourselves updated!

How do I make my payment?
If you registered online, you can bank in your payment to our bank account at Public Bank and email your transaction slip to neon.projectliber8@gmail.com along with details of your full name (as in the registration form), I/C or Passport number and contact number. Full payment must be banked in a week after submission of registration form. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of registration.

Bank in details are as followed:
Onyx Charity Association of Selangor

If you plan to register with us during our roadshow, just prepare the right amount and pass it right to us!

How do I know if my registration is successful?
Only after you have made a full payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Do give us 48 hours for this transaction to happen.

What am I paying for?
- Neon Night Run t-shirt
- Refreshments
- Glow sticks
- Drawstring bag

What should I wear?
Everything neon! You're encouraged to dress as funky and as wild as you can!

Will there be an after-party?
There will be a glow party which will be held at the finish point of the race. However, maybe there will be more than just that. Only the cooler ones will know about it ;)


  1. any finisher medal???
    any reward for top10 or top5 runners???

  2. Hi, its a fun run and the main concern here is to spread awareness so there will be no finisher medal. Only a t-shirt, and a runner's kit (water, bread, glow sticks) will be given!

  3. Hi, how can i confirm that before paid my registration is submitted? Any email reply?

  4. Hi!
    Since registration is officially closed, and I registered to the waiting list, do I still need to make a payment first or wait for an email?

  5. who to contact for this event ?