Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Hello everyone! Just a few updates and reminders on Neon Night Run to avoid disappointment/rejection:
  • REGISTRATION HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY CLOSED due to such overwhelming response by the public. 
  • PLEASE take time to read the rules and regulation upon registering so misunderstanding wouldn't occur. For any inquiries please visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@ProjectLiber8) or don't be shy to ask any of our helpful and friendly members!
  • However, a waiting list will be opened to those who are still interested to join. SO DON'T LOSE FAITH.
  • Take note that one's registration is only official once payment has been made. Duration of a week is given to make payment for those who have registered.
  • Participants that fail to meet requirements will be removed from the list and their spots will be replaced by participants from the waiting list.
  • To secure your place please make sure payment is made within a week. 

Please make sure payment is made to:

Onyx Charity Association of Selangor
Account Number: 3176876029

Thank you for your cooperation, see you all soon!

SAVE lives. NOT sell them.
Project Liber8.

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